Far Out - the poem by Philip Larkin that inspired D J Roberts's 'Beyond the bright cartoons'

Far Out by Philip Larkin

Beyond the bright cartoons
Are darker spaces where
Small cloudy nests of stars
Seem to float on air. 

These have no proper names: 
Men out alone at night
Never look up at them
For guidance or delight, 

For such evasive dust
Can make so little clear: 
Much less is known than not, 
More far than near.

D J Roberts_Beyond the bright cartoons_neon_125cm_2017.jpg

Far Out by Philip Larkin was written in 1959, the year that the Astralist manifesto was launched as a response to the first-ever mission by the Soviet spacecraft Luna 3 to photograph the 'dark' side of the moon.

The neon work Beyond the bright cartoons was created in response to the works of Claudio Del Sole by the artist D J Roberts for London Art Fair 2018.